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Senior Living New Year's Resolutions

We are already 10 days into the New Year. It’s time to start over fresh with new goals and ambitions. At River Park Senior Living, we believe you are never too old to better yourself with New Year’s resolutions in independent or assisted living.

Resolutions Give Purpose

We encourage our seniors to create resolutions to have goals and a sense of purpose in their lives. Writing down New Year’s resolutions promotes self-discipline, diligence, and increased happiness. These ideas help our seniors improve self-awareness, memory, and wellbeing.

New Year’s Resolution Ideas to Ring in 2022

#1 Update Essential Documents

Updating and creating essential documents is vital and often gets overlooked in the hustle of everyday life. Most people aren’t very concerned about these documents until an emergency occurs. Living wills to end of life wishes, financial records, medication lists, and power of attorney should always be up to date.

These documents are often unorganized or left undone when the family members need them. Make 2022 the year you get organized and have those necessary conversations with family and friends about the future, including independent and assisted living choices.

#2 Eat Healthier and Exercise More

Eating healthy and moving your body are vital principles to living your best life. At River Park Senior Living, our community offers a great dining program that serves nutritious restaurant-style food to keep residents healthy and nourished.

Start a walking group with your senior living friends, or commit to visiting the fitness center once or twice a week. Check in with a local gym to ask about senior fitness classes to prioritize your health in 2022.

#3 Learn a New Piece of Technology

It isn’t easy to keep up with the ever-changing technology these days. With its social media and video chatting, the Internet makes it easier to keep in touch with your loved ones. That’s why we recommend learning one new technology skill this year.

Ask your grandkids or River Park activities director for a tech lesson and start connecting with your friends and family. You can be sure to strengthen the bond with your family, which is essential for reducing the risks of dementia, isolation, and loneliness.

#4 Schedule a Yearly Health Check-Up

Making sure you get your annual health assessment and physical examination will help spot any potential concerns before they get worse. Your health should always be a priority, so make 2022 your year to address any possible concerns.

#5 Learn a New Hobby

Learning new things increases cognitive health in seniors. We encourage our senior residents to try out new hobbies and skills. In independent living, there is more freedom to try out the things you have always wanted to learn. Beyond that, learning new social activities gives opportunities to meet new people, create and maintain friendships, and visit new places.

#6 Find Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteering is an excellent way to fulfill your role as a contributing member of your community. It serves as a great way to boost your health and provides seniors with a sense of accomplishment. Interacting with like-minded individuals brings fulfillment and boosts self-confidence, which is excellent for your mental health in senior living.

A Note to Remember

The challenging part about resolutions is sticking it out through the struggles and not giving up. It’s not about perfection but about doing your best and taking baby steps to better yourself. Focus on their benefits, and discover your motivation to help you achieve your goals.

If you are interested in learning more about our independent living or assisted living community, please do not hesitate to contact us at River Park. We look forward to meeting you.


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